Biomimicry: Transforming Materials

October 18,19, & 20th
Ohio Aerospace Institute
Cleveland, Ohio


Biomimicry: Transforming Materials

October 18,19, & 20th
Ohio Aerospace Institute
Cleveland, Ohio

Event Videos

Welcome: John Sankovic & Trisha Brown

Welcome and Introductory Comments – John Sankovic, Ohio Aerospace Institute and Trisha Brown, Great Lakes Biomimicry

Keynote: Doug Piekarz, Akron Zoo

The Wild Side of Research and Development: Tools to Engage Nature’s Wisdom to Create our Future

Multifaceted Melanin: Andrew Trunek, NASA

Melanin: The Amazing Multifunctional Material for Harsh Environment Sensing and Potential Energy Harvesting Application

Multifaceted Melanin: Kat Kornegay, Stanford University

Synthesis and Multi-physical Characterization of Melanin-rich Mycelium Aerogels

Multifaceted Melanin: Fernando Cremades, MediaLab Matadero Madrid


Multifaceted Melanin: Panel Discussion and Q&A

The Power of Nature’s Materials: Sissi Liu, MetalMark Innovations

From Butterflies to Air Purifier: One Company’s Journey From Nature inspired Materials to a Disruptive Indoor Air Quality Solutions

The Powers of Nature’s Materials: Lorenzo Mencattelli, Helicoid Industries

Bio-inspired Helicoid Composites: Empowering the Next Generation of Ultra-efficient Structural Materials

The Powers of Nature’s Materials: Tiffany Williams, NASA Glenn Research Center

Towards Bio-inspired Materials and Processes for Extreme Aerospace Environment

The Powers of Nature’s Materials: Panel Discussion and Q&A

Building Better: Hans Papke, DLR group

Designing Smart Buildings Based on Desert Wisdom

Building Better: Maggie Bump, NanoSonics

Termite Bioengineering Harnessed for Disaster Site Recovery

Building Better: Kyoung Hee Kim, UNC Charlotte and EcoClosure

Zero Carbon Architecture: Nature-based Solutions to Decarbonate Built Environments

Building Better: Monika Lipinska, Newcastle University

Space to Grow

Building Better: Panel Discussion and Q&A

Thermal Properties and Color: Jennifer Lalli, NanoSonics

Introduction by Viktoria Greanya, Parallax Advanced Research
Silkworm Cocoon Inspires Thermally Protective Materials

Thermal Properties and Color: Alon Gorodetsky, UC Irvine

Dynamic Materials and Systems Inspired by Cephalopods

Thermal Properties and Color: Matthew Shawkey, Universitiet Ghent

A Rainbow in the Dark: Melanin-based Optical Materials

Thermal Properties and Color: Panel Discussion and Q&A

Keynote: Peter Niewiarowski, University of Akron

Innovation and Sustainability through Biomimicry: Guarantees or Opportunities?

The Paradox of Ice: Ali Dhinojwala, University of Akron

Learning from Nature to Tackle Adhesion and Traction in Wet and Icy Conditions

The Paradox of Ice: Anish Tuteja, University of Michigan

Novel Anti-Icing Molecules and Coatings

The Paradox of Ice: Panel Discussion and Q&A

Bio-inspired Material Markets: Dennis Tuckowski, INCOSE

Leveraging the Systems Engineering Product Development Process to Foster Adoption of Advanced Sustainable Materials

Bio-inspired Material Markets: Christopher Sheehan, ZIN Technologies

Challenges of Bringing Innovation to Market

Bio-inspired Material Markets: Panel Discussion and Q&A

Closing Thoughts and Conference Wrap-up: Trisha Brown, Great Lakes Biomimicry

The skin of the saguaro cactus is covered with a thick waxy coating that waterproofs the plant and reduces water lost to the air through transpiration.
The spines and deep ribs cast shadows to protect from the hot sun.

About the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) and Great Lakes Biomimicry (GLB)

At OAI, we collaborate with members in government, industry, and academia to accelerate Ohio’s aerospace workforce development through a global network of connections, educational programs, and cutting-edge information.

In 2021, Great Lakes Biomimicry became a part of the Ohio Aerospace Institute.  Our charge is to bring the solutions from biology to those seeking a new way to think about innovation in aerospace and beyond.

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