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can help keep your hands clean.

Using nature as a living, learning laboratory, GOJO turned to battle-tested properties thriving in the world around us to find a better way to help keep your hands clean. See how GOJO took a deep dive to pump up performance by creating one brilliant, simple, multifunctional part that incorporates the pump, the housing and the valve.

How learning from the clever archerfish

How untangling the mysteries of a spider web

made the world safer for birds.

When ORNILUX set out to prevent hundreds of millions of bird deaths each year due to collisions with glass, they turned to an unexpected expert: Mother Nature. By untangling the mysteries of a common spider web, ORNILUX discovered the secret to creating its amazingly bird-friendly glass solution. Learn how it’s making a real difference.

What makes snakeskin so strong

prevents pipes from corroding.

When approached with a tough design challenge, Parker Hannifin turned to an R&D lab that is 3.8 billion years in the making: nature. By studying the armor-clad qualities of snakeskin, they were inspired to create a stronger, more flexible pipe – extending its life from two weeks to over six years and counting.