Biomimicry ignites profound changes in the way we look at the world.
Through its lens, we see that answers to problems are all around us.

Hard work, friendliness, and the way we put our minds together to solve problems: these values describe the Great Lakes region. But imagine if we could take it a step further and find a new way to innovate, create jobs and have a healthy environment – all while bolstering our identity as a leader and inventor. 

We have something very special in the Great Lakes Region – a thriving biomimicry ecosystem connecting education, business and other organizations.

To name a few…

Akron Zoo Bendix Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Cuyahoga County Public Library Glenn Research Center Gojo Goodyear Ohio Department of Natural Resources Sherwin-Williams

…have all found value in the services we offer.

Our mission is to create the conditions for organizations to innovate and collaborate in completely new ways – using nature as the guide. It takes time, money and hard work. We are up to the challenge, and your donation will make an immediate difference to our 501(c)(3) organization, ensuring we can continue this vital work in our region.

Please consider providing a tax-deductible gift to our Annual Fund which runs through December 31, 2017.

Your support will help our non-profit organization build a thriving, resilient community that is adept at learning from nature’s genius.

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  • Dan Dietz

    “We believe establishing biomimicry as a tool to innovate new products and methods will pay dividends in the form of novel product designs and enhanced processes that are rooted in inherently sustainable examples from nature.”

    Dan Dietz, Sr. Manager Consumer Foods Research and Development

    The J.M. Smucker Company

  • John Nottingham

    “Too often in Northeast Ohio we're down on ourselves. With this, we have some assets that no one else in the world has — nobody. We should be on the top of Terminal Tower banging the drum and telling the world about it."

    John Nottingham, Co-President

    Nottingham Spirk

  • Steve Baytos

    "We sponsor two Biomimicry Fellows who are finding new strategies to predicting changes in water quality, which will allow for changes in our plant operations to help us produce clean water with more reliability."

    Steve Baytos, Manager

    Avon Lake Regional Water