Excellent learning opportunity. I am very impressed with the course and Great Lakes Biomimicry, and am looking forward to learning more about biomimicry and applying the concepts in my work.

Kimm Jarden, Senior Sustainability Specialist

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

As an engineer, I tend to focus on component parts, but looking to nature forced me to think in terms of the whole system. Nature can knock you on the head and say ‘hey, it’s easier than that!’

Nick Ciavarella, Principal Engineer, New Technology and Alliances


Biomimicry gives Nottingham Spirk a whole new way to approach brainstorming and product development while solving design and engineering problems. Nature is so vast, we will never run out of possible inspirations. Now, the first question that we ask in our innovation process is, 'How would nature handle this issue?'

John Nottingham, Co-President

Nottingham Spirk

Biomimicry offers real, time-tested solutions. Because nature has had many attempts at these solutions, they require the lowest amount of energy, provide the most efficient investment and are most sustainable. You don’t want to invest in solutions that have to be abandoned in the future.

Peter Buca, Vice President of Technology and Innovation

Parker Hannifin

When we emulate the wisdom and strategies of natural systems, we can design and develop organizations, teams and leaders who are healthier, more vital, and more productive.

Sally Parker, Co-Founder