Fundamentals of Biomimicry

Instructors: An interdisciplinary team of instructors who are biomimicry experts, biologists, researchers and/or business leaders  

Learning Objective: Our two-day Fundamentals of Biomimicry workshop will provide your company with a perspective-shifting look at how biomimicry can enrich existing innovation processes. Participants will be inspired and discover how biomimicry can drive real and powerful change. Topics and activities include:

  • Discovery, comparison and analysis of the current understanding of mechanistic and living systems and why this is important
  • Systems thinking and design thinking and how biomimicry impacts these areas
  • Case studies of how biomimicry has been successful in the marketplace, including examples relevant to your particular industry
  • Introduction to the process and tools of biomimicry design
  • Mini design challenge completed by your team – we work with your company to identify the challenge

Outcome includes:

  • Differentiate your company and position it as a leader in innovation and sustainability
  • Strengthen your team and boost communication and creativity
  • Enrich existing innovation processes and kickstart idea generation
  • Learn how to get at the essential, central question for a challenge
  • Spark ideas and opportunities for your company’s sustainability efforts
  • For the mini design challenge, generate ideas around your identified challenge
  • Discover options for building biomimicry capacity within your company
  • Leave inspired, reinvigorated and ready to collaborate, create, work, lead and innovate in completely new ways.
  • All participants receive a Great Lakes Biomimicry Toolkit, including resources and activities to kickstart ideas and share biomimicry with colleagues.
  • Step away from your everyday environment to learn, brainstorm, design and connect with your team in a new place – and with nature as your muse.

Target Audience: Any innovator, leader, engineer, designer, marketer, HR specialist or other person interested in discovering a new tool to spark innovation and creativity. Examples of companies that have attended our workshops include General Motors, Owens Corning, University Hospitals, Progressive Insurance, Tremco Commercial Sealants and Waterproofing, Timken, Oatey, Sonoco, and Construction Specifications Institute, and other companies in fashion/design and consumer products industries. 

Session Format: A mix of experiential learning, presentation, discussion, hands-on activities (group and individual), video, case studies and immersion in nature (i.e., live animal visit). Your team also completes a mini design challenge; we work with your company to identify the challenge, so you leave with ideas about an actual problem you are trying to solve. 

Upcoming Workshops: We schedule workshops for companies in a custom format, which allows us to gather your whole team or mix of staff members across different departments.

Price $24,000 for up to 12 participants; 5 additional participants can be added at $1,500/person. Site rental, travel, naturalist/live animal visit and catering are an additional cost.

Email or call us to book a workshop: [email protected] or 216-233-1694.