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Value of Biomimicry

This 2.5-hour introductory session exposes participants to the concept of biomimicry, diverse examples, the quantitative and qualitative value of implementation, resources, and options for building capacity with Great Lakes Biomimicry. The format is lecture broken up by reinforcing group activities. This workshop can be customized to your needs and is typically delivered it at your place of work.  

Upcoming Workshops: Custom sessions and dates are held at your organization. Inquire for details.

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Fundamentals of Biomimicry

This workshop introduces professionals to principles and practices that drive innovation inspired by nature. Participants begin to understand biomimicry design methodology, compare system design principles in natural and mechanical systems, and discover ways to create shared value for their organizations and society.

Upcoming Workshops: Custom sessions and dates are held at your organization. Inquire for details.

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Biomimicry Design Lab

This 8-session technical training and practice prepares participants to lead the adoption and practice of biomimicry to spur innovation in their organization. Completion of our Fundamentals of Biomimicry workshop or equivalent training is required.

Upcoming Workshop: Workshops will be scheduled throughout the year based on demand. Inquire for details or to get on our waiting list.

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Organizations as Living Systems

Led by the TimeZero team, this three-day workshop introduces professionals to a biomimetic Living Systems Approach for designing, developing and leading organizations in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world. The approach helps organizations enhance resilience, become more agile and adaptive, and address the many challenges they face today, including increasing productivity and engagement.

Contact us for information on upcoming workshops: [email protected]
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