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Foundations of Biomimicry Workshop: Customized

Interested in our Foundations of Biomimicry workshop, but want something even more closely tailored to meet your curriculum or program goals? We will customize a session that deepens your understanding and skills in the areas that you need most.

Build upon our Foundations of Biomimicry workshop: 

What can we learn from a wood frog or a wetland? What happens when we begin to see nature as a teacher and a source of innovative solutions to the design challenges we face?

This three-hour workshop offers an introduction to the emerging field of biomimicry. Participants will be introduced to tools and resources and will experience sample lessons that inspire creativity in students as they look at nature through the eyes of architects, engineers and designers.

Price $1,000 - $1,500 for up to 25 educators

Contact us to schedule a workshop with your organization: [email protected] or 440-366-4221.