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About Biomimicry and Great Lakes Biomimicry

People of all backgrounds will learn about the emerging field of biomimicry and how Great Lakes Biomimicry is helping to make Northeast Ohio the global hub of biomimicry activities in education, business and innovation.

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Introduction to Biomimicry

Perfect for general audiences, this 50-minute interactive presentation ignites interest in biomimicry and design. Participants will learn about the amazing innovations that have resulted from biomimicry and will practice the core skills of a biomimic -- identifying function and translating biological strategies into engineering or design principles. This presentation is suitable for age 10 through adult, and for audiences of up to 60 people.

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Interactive Biomimicry Design Challenge

Start with our interactive presentation introducing biomimicry, and then put your new-found knowledge and skills to work by tackling a mini design challenge. Choose from one of two challenge options: Staying Cool Without Air Conditioning or Managing Stormwater in Urban Environments. The challenge concludes with participants sharing their design concepts and drawings with the group.

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