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The Project 38 Campaign

Securing Northeast Ohio’s position as the worldwide leader in biomimicry

About the Campaign

Biomimicry holds immense possibilities for people passionate about maximizing the region’s potential and creating an environment where businesses, people and nature can thrive – together. No other organization is better positioned than Great Lakes Biomimicry to elevate Northeast Ohio and turn it into the “Silicon Valley” of biomimicry. Project 38 is the major gift program of Great Lakes Biomimicry. Inspired by nature’s 3.8 billion years of existence, we are looking for 38 visionary and entrepreneurial leaders to join us now, at a critical stage, to help propel Great Lakes Biomimicry to new heights.


Project 38 funds will provide critical support for our one-of- a-kind educational and economic development programs and services. With interest in our mission and programs expanding rapidly, we need the capacity and agility to respond when a champion teacher emerges and requests support for implementing biomimicry education in the classroom, or when an innovation leader asks us to help stimulate nature-based problem-solving within their R&D processes.

The impact that together we can have on Northeast Ohio is only limited by funds and support. We are poised to accelerate our work, and only need a group of community leaders who are willing to help us seize all competitive advantages that biomimicry offers to this region.

Donor Spotlight

"Biomimicry is the cutting-edge science of the future that studies the natural world to find sustainable solutions to the challenges of today. I am a very proud Board member of GLBio and supporter of Project 38. GLBio is not only promoting entrepreneurship via biomimicry, but through its educational programs for PreK-12, is preparing the children of today to be the leaders of tomorrow."

Fran Buchholzer, Community Leader

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Our Current Progress

Help us reach our goal of $380,000.



Your donation will accelerate student success and stimulate innovation and economic development.

All donations are tax-deductible. Investors will receive exclusive invitations to Great Lakes Biomimicry events and will be recognized on our website, e-Newsletter and annual report. We can also keep your donation anonymous, if preferred.


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Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Project 38 Campaign is building momentum. It is with deepest gratitude that we acknowledge the vision and support of these Pacesetters who have made contributions of $10,000 or more into the campaign.

Robert Briggs
Fran Buchholzer
Cathy Lewis
Salvatore J. Miraglia, Jr.


Janice Morrison
John Nottingham

Tom Tyrrell


Contact Us

For more information or questions about supporting specific projects or programs, please contact Christine Hockman at [email protected]

Project 38