Fundamentals of Biomimicry

Instructors: Great Lakes Biomimicry team, TimeZero team and faculty from The University of Akron’s Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center 

Learning Objective: This workshop introduces the skills, tools, frameworks and approaches used to bring biomimicry into a design/innovation process and into an organization as a whole. Participants will compare natural and mechanical system principles, become familiar with the biomimicry design process, and consider how to incorporate biomimicry into their organizations. This course is a prerequisite to our Biomimicry Design Lab.

Target Audience: An organization’s biomimicry advocates, practitioners and specialists; those who wish to engage and mentor others within their organization about the potential and use of biomimicry as an innovation tool. 

Session Format: Three-day workshop providing exposure and practice with a full range of biomimicry design thinking tools, utilizing case studies, exercises, readings and discussion.

Upcoming Workshops: Spring 2018

Price $2,000 per participant; special non-profit, government and student rate is $1,500 per participant; all groups of 2 or more receive 20% off

Registration: [email protected] or 440-366-4221