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Organizations as Living Systems

Where: Holden Arboretum in Willoughby, Ohio 

Upcoming Workshop: October 3, 4 & 5, 2017

Instructors: TimeZero team 

Learning Objective: This workshop fosters a working understanding of a biomimetic Living Systems Approach to designing, developing and leading organizations and teams. Through training and hands-on practice, participants will discover the essential properties of healthy, productive organizational systems and understand humans as biological beings in complex systems. Participants will also explore how the practice of biomimicry can be developed to support organization design, foster innovation, and help build a healthy culture. 

Target Audience: Business leaders; managers; practitioners of organizational development/design, change management, individuals working in Human Resources, business strategy, innovation or sustainability; and others committed to building healthy, adaptive, resilient organizations.

Session Format: Three-day experiential workshop utilizes instruction, discussion, exercises, readings, case studies and reflection to appeal to all learning modalities and styles. Participants bring a case from their organizations which will serve as the focus for applying and practicing key principles of the Living Systems Approach. 

Registration: Contact Trisha Brown at [email protected] or 216-233-1694.