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Dr. Peter Niewiarowski Collaborator

Dr. Peter Niewiarowski is an active collaborator with Great Lakes Biomimicry and runs the Biomimicry Fellowship Program. Peter helped to form the strategy and focus of Great Lakes Biomimicry after the organization's birth in 2010. He led the creation of the world's only Ph.D.-level training in Biomimicry through the Integrated Bioscience program at The University of Akron (UA). The program runs in collaboration with Great Lakes Biomimicry and has attracted many businesses and organizations, and students from around the globe. 

Peter is the Professor of Integrated Biosciences (IB) and Biology at UA, and is a Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center (BRIC) Principal Investigator. His appointments include Post-Doctoral Researcher, Savannah River Ecology Lab, University of Georgia, 1993-1995; UA Professor since 1995; and, Interim Director, UA IB PhD Program, 2009-2012. His research includes projects in amphibian population biology, life history evolution and physiological ecology of lizards and gecko ecology and evolution, especially as it relates to adhesion. Gecko adhesion research, in collaboration with the lab of Ali Dhinojwala, a UA polymer scientist and BRIC principal investigator, is the main focus of his current work, including biomimetic applications.

Peter teaches, at introductory and advanced levels, within UA’s Biology and IB programs. He developed courses including Advanced Ecology, Herpetology, Principles of Biology, Vertebrate Zoology, Tropical Vertebrate Biology, Communicating in Integrated Bioscience, Research in Integrated Bioscience, Theory and Foundations of Biomimicry, and Biomimicry Design.

Peter holds a BS in Biology, Marlboro College, Marlboro VT, 1984, and a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA, 1992.