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Robert Gray Gray Consulting Services,

Dr. Robert Gray has over 30 years’ experience in science and technology innovation focusing in the biomedical, specialty chemical and plastics industries. His introduction to Great Lakes Biomimicry was as the Director of New Technology and Alliances at GOJO Industries where he led GOJO to become one of the first sponsors of a Corporate Fellow in the University of Akron Integrated Biosciences Ph.D. program with training in Biomimicry. Bob continued to serve as a member of the dissertation committee for the first Ph.D. graduate from this program. 
In 2012, Bob founded EP Technologies LLC, a medical device start-up utilizing energy-based plasma for disinfection and transdermal drug delivery. Building the company from the ground up, EP Technologies was a global leader in plasma-based skin treatment. This breakthrough technology has generated over 25 patent filings and continues to draw interest from the medical and pharmaceutical industries. 
Prior to EP Technologies, Bob held leadership positions at GOJO Industries, Schneller LLC, Cytec Industries, and Ciba Specialty Chemicals.  Bob holds a BS in Chemistry from Clarkson University and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Texas A&M University. He is a startup mentor with Jumpstart and a long-standing member of the American Chemical Society.